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The natural resources, recreational splendors and productive might of half the nation are on view here in pavilions sponsored by the federal government and 19 of the states (four more are exhibiting elsewhere).  The Federal and State Area is in a sense the home site of the Fair: the host country, state, and city are represented in this section - as is the Fair's symbol, the Unisphere.*

New York State.  Looming over the New York State pavilion are three observation towers, one of which is the tallest structure at the Fair (226 feet).  Beneath the towers is the Tent of Tomorrow, the world's biggest suspension roof (it is larger than a football field), supported by sixteen 100-foot concrete columns.  Translucent colored panels in the roof flood the interior of the tent with colors.  On the main floor, Texaco Oil Company has made a mammoth map of the state in terrazzo.*

UnisphereŽ.   Symbol of the New York World's Fair 1964/1965 is this 12-story stainless steel model of the earth designed, built, and presented by United States Steel... It is located at the Fountain of the Continents, near the center of the Fair.  Seen from the edge of the pool, it shows the world as it appears from 6,000 miles in space.*

Wisconsin.  The Indian heritage of the Badger State provided the inspiration for the modern tepee that houses this exhibit.  The displays tell the stories of Wisconsin's farms, industries and great outdoors.  Outside the pavilion, experts demonstrate fishing and archery techniques.  A 17-ton cheese, said to be the world's largest, is displayed on a huge, air-conditioned van, protected by chromium and class.  A cafeteria and a beer garden are located in the area, which is set amid pine trees.*

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Official Guide New York World's Fair 1964/1965 (c.1964 Time Inc.)

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